Somnus is a minimalist tower defence game whose aesthetic is inspired by games like Monument Valley and Journey,

The player has to keep the shadowlings from draining the light source from the mother crystal, to do this they have to activate towers strategically but it comes with a cost...

With each activation and upgrade the light source is drained so you must choose wisely.

This game was made as an academic project. It was intended for mobile platforms but it never got off the prototyping stage.

Art by João Jacinto. UI by Ângelo Marques. Code by Ana Lopes.


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Published201 days ago
AuthorAna Lopes
TagsMinimalist, Tower Defense
Player countSingleplayer


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cool but encountered a webgl error

Oh, sorry to hear that! What error did you get?

app-store worthy, android maybe?

that was the idea, but I don't think we're going to pick up on this game anytime soon unfortunatly!

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Regardless, its presentation and look is polished, and i think it would be a pretty successful concept if you went through with it.

Thank you! Maybe we'll get back to it, we'll see.